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GCPGC has a basic job board that does not offer many useful features, such as a candidate resume database or applicant tracking tools. Its key selling point is its affordability, appealing to small companies. It is unclear how many job seekers use GCPGC to seek employment, making it difficult to compare against other job boards in Ohio.


  • Employers can list jobs at no cost, appealing to small companies with tight hiring budgets.
  • Companies can choose how long they want their job posts to last.
  • GCPGC membership benefits include access to networking opportunities and resource exchange.
  • Executive management roles are the most popular job category, with 47 roles listed in the last year.
  • Nonprofit and volunteering roles are also frequently advertised on the job board.


  • There are currently only a handful of listings on the job board, indicating a lack of popularity with employers.
  • All job posts need to be approved before going live.
  • There is no searchable candidate resume database.
  • Job posts do not get distributed to larger job boards for added reach.
  • Listings are not shared on the company's social media accounts.


Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council is a respected organization, but we were unable to find reviews of its job board.


It is free to post a job on Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council's job board.

How to Post a Job on GCPGC:

$0.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on GCPGC:

Three easy steps for posting a job on Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council (GCPGC).


Posting a job on GCPGC.


Go to the GCPGC home page.

Go to the GCPGC home page.

Navigate to gcpgc.org and click on the "JOB BOARD" tab in the top-right of the page.


Click on "Submit an Opening."

Click on "Submit an Opening."

The "Submit an Opening" button is to the right of the page.


Create your job post.

Create your job post.

Fill in the details of your job post and click on the "Submit for Approval" button to conclude the process. Your job post will be reviewed by GCPGC before going live.

Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council (GCPGC) vs. OhioJobBoard.com:

GCPGC is a free job posting site, while OhioJobBoard.com costs $79.00 per job post. GCPGC's free posting comes with the caveat of a very basic platform lacking in key hiring features, such as applicant tracking tools, a searchable candidate resume database, and branded employer profiles — tools offered by OhioJobBoard.com.

Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council (GCPGC) vs. OhioJobNetwork.com:

At $275.00 per job post, OhioJobNetwork.com is a significantly costlier option than GCPGC's free job board. A higher price comes with advanced recruiting tools, such as a searchable candidate resume database, distribution for other job boards for increased reach, and prescreening questions — features lacking in GCPGC.

Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council (GCPGC) vs. Indeed:

Both GCPGC and Indeed offer free job postings, but that's where the comparison ends. Indeed lets employers pay extra for increased visibility on the job board, has candidate management tools to streamline the hiring process, and much more. GCPGC offers none of these and is not as popular an option as Indeed is.

Key Information

Legal Name

Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1990


4010 Executive Park Dr., Ste. 100, Cincinnati, OH 45241

Number of Employees





1 (513) 554-3071




What is GCPGC?

Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council (GCPGC) is a membership organization that oversees planned gift giving within Cincinnati. They also host a job board that is popular with nonprofits.

What does it cost to post a job on GCPGC?

Posting a job on Greater Cincinnati Planned Giving Council (GCPGC) is entirely free of charge.

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