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Find Bacon was a centralized platform for job posting that offered single and subscription services to suit the needs of businesses throughout North America. The site offered a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with promoted listings through their candidate network and social media channels.


  • The site circulated job posts via its community network and social media accounts.
  • Single job posts were displayed in the sidebar of other job posts.
  • Subscription users could post up to ten job advertisements per month.
  • Job opportunities were shared with the Find Bacon mailing list of qualified designers and developers.
  • Find Bacon offered subscription services that let employers save up to 50% per month on job postings.
  • The site offered a generous refund and reposting policy.
  • The platform promised sponsored advertising would not appear on job posts.
  • The site is organically ranked as a top-five "website design and development job board" on Google.


  • The site did not offer multiple job posting packages for bulk recruitment.
  • Find Bacon didn't offer a trial period for job posting services.
  • Posts were never shared with other job boards.


We were unable to find any online reviews of Find Bacon's job board.

Find Bacon vs. 99designs:

99designs is a creative marketplace that charges on a per-project basis. While employers can find a range of freelancers using this service, Find Bacon was better for companies looking to hire permanent staff. 99designs also caters to a number of sectors beyond web design and development, which makes it better for one-off projects.

Find Bacon vs. LaraJobs:

LaraJobs is a PHP developer job board based in the U.S. While they target similar sectors with their services, Find Bacon was a more general web development job board and allowd for job postings in a range of coding languages. They were also the more affordable option, charging $99.00 per 30-day single job post, while LaraJobs charges $299.00 per post.

Find Bacon vs. TechFetch:

TechFetch, similar to Find Bacon, is a tech-focused job board. While Find Bacon offered the option to post a single job or purchase a subscription, TechFetch only offers two annual subscriptions.

Key Information

Legal Name

Find Bacon


Ryan Battles

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2011


178 Millfield Ave., Westerville, OH 43081


Has Find Bacon shut down?

Yes, the Find Bacon job board has shut down.

What did it cost to post a job on Find Bacon?

Find Bacon used to charge $99.00 to post a job on the job board.

What are some alternatives to Find Bacon?

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