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FactoryFix does not publish pricing online.


Founded in 2015 by Patrick O'Rahilly, FactoryFix is a specialist job board that connects employers with a large network of vetted, skilled professionals in the manufacturing, engineering, and production sectors of the U.S. The platform's objective is to utilize technology to make the recruitment experience smarter, faster, and more affordable.

Although FactoryFix's pricing is not readily available on their website, they offer employers a demo of their recruitment services. The platform features a candidate matching tool, personalized customer support, social media promotion services, and a comprehensive employer dashboard.


  • The job board specializes in posting labor-intensive jobs across the U.S.
  • Employers are eligible for a demo to make use of the site's job posting and recruitment services.
  • The monthly subscription includes unlimited hires.
  • The site offers candidate matching tools to help employers connect with suitable candidates.
  • The platform shares job posts to their Facebook page for increased exposure.
  • All job seekers are vetted by the site.
  • The site's team of consultants is available to help and support employers through the hiring process.
  • Employers have a dashboard from which they can track candidates, organize interviews, and manage their job posts.


  • The platform's pricing is not readily available on their site.
  • Employers cannot post jobs directly to the site.
  • Employers are subject to a monthly subscription fee with no individual posting prices.
  • The site is limited to the U.S. and has no international presence.


Although we were unable to find any online reviews of FactoryFix, the site features several client testimonials on their home page.

How to Post a Job on FactoryFix:

FactoryFix does not have an online job posting process. Employers interested in placing a vacancy on the site, can sign up for the service and contact the recruitment team at sales@factoryfix.com to discuss their recruitment needs.

FactoryFix vs. ManufacturingJobs.com:

FactoryFix and ManufacturingJobs.com are both niche job boards that cater to employers in search of skilled laborers. FactoryFix, however, has a larger reach, with over 170,000 registered job seekers. While both platforms have a resume search service, FactoryFix also offers a candidate matching tool, which ManufacturingJobs.com lacks.

FactoryFix vs. iHireEngineering:

While FactoryFix caters to the manufacturing, production, and engineering sectors, iHireEngineering is more niche and solely advertises engineering jobs. Both platforms have a similar reach, but FactoryFix offers more recruitment services than iHireEngineering, such as a recruitment service subscription and a candidate matching tool.

FactoryFix vs. CareerBuilder:

CareerBuilder allows employers to post jobs in all industries of the U.S. FactoryFix, however, specializes in posting manufacturing jobs, which might be the better option for employers looking to hire vetted, skilled professionals. While both platforms offer recruitment services demos upon request, FactoryFix also features a demo.

Key Information

Legal Name

FactoryFix Inc.


Patrick O'Rahilly

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2015


1415 N Cherry Ave, Chicago, IL 60642




1 (312) 313-1242




What is FactoryFix?

FactoryFix is a niche platform and job board that connects employers with vetted professionals in the manufacturing, engineering, and production sectors of the U.S.

What does it cost to post a job on FactoryFix?

FactoryFix's pricing is not readily available on their site. Interested employers can contact the company for a quote.

How do I create a FactoryFix account?

  1. Navigate to FactoryFix's home page and click "Sign Up."
  3. Fill out the online registration form and click "SUBMIT" to create an account.

How do I delete a job post from FactoryFix?

Employers can contact the customer support team to remove a job post from the site.

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