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Established in 2012, Young Agrarians features a number of career resources and educational tools to support the next generation of agricultural professionals in Canada. The platform's job board is completely free and offers employers access to a specialized audience of professionals.

While Young Agrarians features a quick and easy job posting process and attracts around 40,000 website views each month, the platform primarily caters to entry-level positions and may not be suitable for recruiting more experienced agricultural professionals.


  • It is completely free to post a job on Young Agrarians.
  • The site features a user-friendly interface to appeal to younger agricultural professionals.
  • The job posting process is quick and easy.
  • The site features a number of career resources, including mentorship programs, educational events, and land access tools.
  • The site receives roughly 40,000 views each month.
  • The job board caters exclusively to the Canadian job market.
  • Employers can post internships, apprenticeships, and full-time farming positions.


  • The platform lacks job board syndication and social media promotion.
  • The site caters primarily to entry-level positions.
  • The platform is not exclusively a job board.
  • The website is not available in French.


While reviews of the Young Agrarian's job board are limited online, the platform has a 4.6-star rating on Facebook based on 35 reviews, with most users praising the quality of the site's content. The website also features testimonials from satisfied employers.


It is free to post a job on Young Agrarians. The site does encourage employers to donate to the organization.

How to Post a Job on Young Agrarians:

0.00 CAD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Young Agrarians:

Three easy steps for posting a job on Young Agrarians.


Posting a job on Young Agrarians.


Click on "JOBS."

Click on "JOBS."

Navigate to the home page and click on "JOBS" beneath the "RESOURCES" heading at the top of the page.


Click on "POST A FARM JOB."

Click on "POST A FARM JOB."

Scroll down and click on "POST A FARM JOB."


Post your job.

Post your job.

Scroll down and fill out the online form with your vacancy details. Once complete, click on "Submit" to post your job ad.

Young Agrarians vs.

Like Young Agrarians, caters to the agricultural community in Canada. While's "Budget Rate" is C$50.00 per job post, it offers a free job posting option if cost is a barrier for employers. offers key recruitment features that Young Agrarians lacks, such as social media promotion and job board syndication.

Young Agrarians vs.

While lacks free job postings and is costlier than most competitors, charging US$375.00 per job post, it offers more advanced hiring features than Young Agrarians, including social media promotion, a resume database, and an employer dashboard. Neither platform features job board syndication or offers a French version of their sites.

Young Agrarians vs. AgHires:

AgHires charges US$395.00 for a single job post, whereas Young Agrarians offers a completely free job posting service, making it the more affordable option. However, the former site features background checks, social media promotion, and partner website syndication, which Young Agrarians lacks. In addition, it caters to vacancies at all career levels.

Key Information

Legal Name

Agrarians Foundation


Sara Dent

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2012


2214 Sun Valley Dr., Nanaimo, BC V9T 6E8






What does Young Agrarians offer?

Young Agrarians is an education and networking platform that features a farming job board where employers can advertise vacancies and connect with young agricultural professionals across the country.

What does it cost to post a job on Young Agrarians?

It is completely free for employers to post a job on Young Agrarians.

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