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Saskatchewanjobs.ca offers employers a targeted approach to hiring in Saskatchewan. Unlike its local competitor SaskJobs, Saskatchewanjobs.ca is not free and only offers paid job posting and resume search plans. However, Saskatchewanjobs.ca does offer a longer-than-average job post duration of 60 days and employer branding options.


  • There is a selection of job posting plans to suit different business needs.
  • The site features a searchable resume database that employers can access to find candidates proactively.
  • The subscription plans include unlimited resume access, unlimited job postings, and ATS integration.
  • Job postings are displayed on the site for 60 days, which is longer than the average 30-day duration.
  • Employers can showcase their businesses with branded employer profiles.
  • There is no limit to the length of job descriptions.


  • There is no free job posting plan.
  • The site does not offer job post enhancements or an applicant tracking system.


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Basic: 1 Job Posting


Standard: Unlimited Jobs

C$339.00 /mo.

Premium: Unlimited Jobs

C$3,499.00 /yr.

Saskatchewanjobs.ca vs. SaskJobs:

Saskatchewanjobs.ca and SaskJobs both provide a targeted approach to hiring in Saskatchewan. While SaskJobs is completely free, Saskatchewanjobs.ca's pricing starts at C$219.00 per post. However, Saskatchewanjobs.ca offers better features, including a longer job post duration of 60 days, employer branding, and ATS integration.

Saskatchewanjobs.ca vs. Job Bank:

Job Bank is a free employment resource with a nationwide reach, whereas Saskatchewanjobs.ca caters to the job market in Saskatchewan specifically Unlike Job Bank, Saskatchewanjobs.ca offers resume searches, employer branding, and ATS integration. However, where Job Bank is free, Saskatchewanjobs.ca charges upwards of C$219.00 per post.

Saskatchewanjobs.ca vs. LinkedIn:

While Saskatchewanjobs.ca is a location-specific job board for Saskatchewan, LinkedIn is a professional networking site with an extensive international reach, giving employers access to a vast talent pool. The latter offers free job postings and paid services, whereas Saskatchewanjobs.ca only offers paid plans, starting at C$219.00 per post.

Key Information

Legal Name

BC Jobs Online Inc.


777 Hornby St., Ste. 600, Vancouver, BC V6T 1S4




What does it cost to post a job on Saskatchewanjobs.ca?

Saskatchewanjobs.ca's pricing starts at C$219.00 for a 60-day listing.

Does Saskatchewanjobs.ca offer resume searches?

Yes, Saskatchewanjobs.ca features a searchable resume database.

What are some alternatives to Saskatchewanjobs.ca?

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