Doctor Jobs Alberta does not disclose pricing on their website. Recruiters and interested users should contact Alberta Health Services by email for more information.


Doctor Jobs Alberta is a centralized platform for job postings and career advice for physicians looking to practice in Alberta. The site falls under the Alberta Health Services, the provincial authority that governs public hospitals and clinics in the province. Through the platform, family doctors and medical specialists can find work opportunities.

The site facilitates third-party recruitment and allows candidates to set up times for interviews with recruiters. Candidates can also receive feedback and post their resumes for employers to view. The site doesn't allow for direct job postings but does allow job seekers to search for posts based on location within Alberta.


  • The site is the official recruitment and career portal of the Alberta Health Services.
  • Employers can set up interviews, post resumes, and receive feedback on their applications.
  • The site has an advanced regional job search tool for candidates within the province of Alberta.
  • The platform has features such as a resume database as well as job alerts for positions as they're posted.
  • Candidates looking to work within the province can search through hundreds of jobs already posted.


  • The site does not provide a means of posting jobs directly to its online job board.
  • Pricing for job posting and recruitment services isn't displayed on the site.
  • The job board's contact details are difficult to find.
  • They do not promote their job listings through social media platforms or other job posting sites.


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How to Post a Job on Doctor Jobs Alberta:

Interested users should contact Alberta Health Services by email to find out how to post a job to their job board.

Doctor Jobs Alberta vs. Job Bank:

Job Bank is a general job board run by the Canadian government which offers free job posts for positions across Canada. Doctor Jobs Alberta targets medical professionals in the province of Alberta. The biggest difference between these boards is that Job Bank allows employers to post directly to their site, while Doctor Jobs Alberta doesn't.

Doctor Jobs Alberta vs. Dr. Careers:

Dr. Careers charges C$300.00 per standard job post to its board. It has fewer job postings than Doctor Jobs Alberta but covers the entirety of Canada. That being said, Dr. Careers has multiple job posting packages and allows users to create and post jobs directly to their site, which may appeal to some employers.

Doctor Jobs Alberta vs. charges C$325.00 per post but lets employers across Canada post various types of medical jobs, from nursing to laboratory testing, to their board. In comparison, Doctor Jobs Alberta only posts job opportunities in Alberta for physicians and medical specialists.

Key Information

Legal Name

Alberta Health Services


Alberta Health Services Corporate Office, 7th Street Plaza, 14th Fl., North Tower, 10030 107 St. NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 3E4






What is Doctor Jobs Alberta?

Doctor Jobs Alberta is the Alberta Health Services job board, which targets physicians, specialists, and family doctors looking for work opportunities in Alberta, Canada.

What does it cost to post a job on Doctor Jobs Alberta?

Doctor Jobs Alberta doesn't disclose its pricing online for job posting services. Interested users should contact them by telephone for more information.

How do I create an account on Doctor Jobs Alberta?

  1. Navigate to the Doctor Jobs Alberta home page.
  2. Select "Create An Account."
  3. Fill out the online registration form.

How do I delete a job post on Doctor Jobs Alberta?

Employers should contact Alberta Health Services by email or telephone if they would like to delete or edit a job post.

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