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10 Postings (Third Parties)



Permit Holder: Holds an APEGA permit to practice in Alberta.

Non-permit Holders: Non-engineering and geosciences organizations or an organization located outside of Alberta.

Third Parties: Posting jobs on behalf of an organization (recruiters).


APEGA is an engineering and geosciences membership association in Alberta created to uphold and maintain standards of accreditation and competency. Their job board provides a platform for employers and recruiters to post highly-targeted job adverts in the province, thereby providing a means of finding qualified professionals efficiently.

While it does not offer a free job posting option, the site is a great way of advertising employment opportunities directly to APEGA accredited members. Companies can assign members multiple accounts and the site also provides discounts to registered APEGA permit holders.


  • The APEGA job board offers 30-day job postings with the option to extend.
  • Organizations who use the site can assign multiple accounts to their staff.
  • The site accommodates recruiters by letting them add and post on behalf of multiple clients.
  • Employers get direct access to qualified APEGA-accredited members.
  • APEGA offers discounted rates for pre-paid job posting purchases.


  • Only engineering and geosciences positions can be advertised.
  • The site's reach is limited to APEGA members only.
  • APEGA does not offer a free job posting option or trial period.


We were unable to find any online reviews of the APEGA Job Board. However, it is an established professional organization that is mandated by legislation to enforce and uphold industry standards for engineering and geosciences in Alberta. As a government partnered association, it is considered reputable by most Albertans and companies in Alberta.

How to Post a Job on the APEGA Job Board:

200.00 CAD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on the APEGA Job Board:

Five easy steps for posting a job on the APEGA Job Board.


Posting a Job on the APEGA Job Board.


Select "Sign up as an employer."

Select "Sign up as an employer."

Go to the APEGA Job Board home page and click on "Sign up as an employer" at the bottom of the blue box.


Enter your registration details.

Enter your registration details.

Fill in your name, email, and password. Then, select "Register."


Verify your email address.

Verify your email address.

A confirmation email will be sent to the address you provided in the registration form.

Go to your inbox, and click on the link in the email sent by APEGA.


Log in to your account.

Log in to your account.

Enter your email and password, then, click "Start looking for jobs or employees."


Join or add an organization or business.

Join or add an organization or business.

Search for your organization in the search bar. If your organization isn't registered with AGEPA, select "Add My Organization." Fill in all your details in the online forms that follow, and select "Next."


Post your job.

Post your job.

Once your organization has been approved by APEGA, you'll be able to post a job on the APEGA Job Board.

APEGA Job Board vs. Techjobs.ca:

Both APEGA Job Board and Techjobs.ca cater to employers in search of engineering candidates. Techjobs.ca, however, also posts technical, automotive, and construction jobs. As opposed to the APEGA Job Board, which only covers Alberta with its standard job postings, Techjobs.ca targets the whole of Canada and allows employers to promote job posts.

APEGA Job Board vs. Indeed:

While Indeed is a free job posting site with a wide audience reach, APEGA Job Board is considered to be the official engineering and geosciences authority in Alberta. If you're searching for specific roles to fill within your company, then APEGA's Job Board may assist you in finding qualified candidates faster.

APEGA Job Board vs. ASET:

ASET is also an engineering association based in Alberta, however, they target technological paths within the engineering field. If you're looking for an IT engineer, then ASET would be a better option. The APEGA Job Board is more established and focuses on engineering as well as geosciences, both of which make its reach wider than ASET's in Alberta.

Key Information

Legal Name

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)

Founding Date

Apr. 10, 1920


1500 Scotia One, 10060 Jasper Ave. NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 4A2








What does APEGA stand for?

APEGA stands for the Association of Professional Engineering and Geoscientists of Alberta. It is a membership organization mandated by the Alberta Provincial Government to handle accreditation and standards in the engineering and geosciences sectors.

What does it cost to post a job on the APEGA Job Board?

APEGA Job Board's pricing varies for permit holders, non-permit holders, and third-party job posters. A non-permit holder can expect to pay C$200.00 for a job posting and up to C$1,680.00 for a 10-job posting package.

How do I create an account on the APEGA Job Board?

  1. Go to the APEGA Job Board.
  2. Select "Sign up as an employer."
  3. Fill in your details and click on "Register."
  4. Then, go to your email account and click on the link in your verification email.

How old is APEGA?

APEGA is 101 years old and was started on the 10th of April, 1920.

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