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Top Sites to Hire a WordPress Developer:


Job Board


1.WordPress Jobs



Project dependent.




Project dependent.


Contact for quote.


Contact for quote.

7.Authentic Jobs

From US$149.00 /post.


Free and paid options.


A$149.00 +GST /post.


Project dependent.


Paid options.


Free and paid options.


Free and paid options.


Free and paid options.

How to Advertise a Job

The top job advertising sites and instructions on how to advertise a job.


How do I find a good WordPress developer?

You can find entry-level to senior WordPress developers on various job sites. Make sure they are qualified and have a portfolio for you to peruse.

Where can I hire a freelance WordPress developer?

How much does it cost to hire a WordPress programmer?

The cost of hiring a WordPress programmer depends on several factors, including the complexity of your project, the scope of the work, and the experience level of the programmer.

Where can I hire WordPress developers?

Do you have any advice for hiring a WordPress developer fast?

  • Ask developers about their past experience. Completed projects will give you a sense of what a developer can do.
  • Get a few quotes and compare prices in order to avoid getting overcharged for freelance projects.
  • Check to see what kind of qualifications and/or certifications a developer has. Most WordPress developers have some formal training that makes them more proficient with the WordPress platform than the average developer. A lack of formal training could indicate that the developer you are interviewing is not a WordPress expert.

What are the best sites for hiring WordPress Developers in Australia?

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