Driver Jobs offers employers 10 free jobs ads per month through their partner job board, JobDroid. Employers interested in bulk job posting packages should contact the company for more information.


Driver Jobs is an Australian-based hiring platform that allows employers to post transportation jobs on their website via JobDroid. The platform offers recruitment services through their partner site 1800DRIVERS, and also provides employers with candidate-matching services.


  • The Australian transportation job platform features a large database of experienced job seekers.
  • Employers receive 10 free job ads per month through JobDroid.
  • Job posts are shared to the platform's social media channels, including Facebook and X.
  • During the job posting process, employers can opt to post their job for free to Gumtree Jobs.
  • Employers have access to recruitment services through partner job sites JobDroid and 1800DRIVERS.
  • Candidate matching and video interview services are available.


  • Employers interested in bulk posting packages have to contact the company for pricing details.
  • It is unclear how long job posts stay live for.


Although we were unable to find any online reviews of Driver Jobs, the website features handpicked testimonials from satisfied clients.

Driver Jobs vs. Workforce Australia:

Driver Jobs and Workforce Australia both cater to the local job market, but the former primarily lists transportation roles, which may be the better option for targeted hiring efforts. Both platforms offer free job posting plans, as well as resume searches, but only Workforce Australia features a mobile app for on-the-go recruitment.

Driver Jobs vs. Indeed:

Indeed is a global job posting site that caters to all sectors of Australia's job market. Driver Jobs, however, specializes in posting transportation jobs throughout the country. Indeed and Driver Jobs both offer social media promotion and featured listings, but Indeed also offers applicant management tools, which the latter lacks.

Driver Jobs vs. Jora:

Both Driver Jobs and Jora offer employers 10 free job posts per month. While Jora aggregates jobs from other sites, Driver Jobs shares job posts on their partner sites, JobDroid and 1800DRIVERS. Driver Jobs offers recruitment services such as social media promotion and candidate matching that Jora lacks.

Key Information


What is Driver Jobs?

Driver Jobs is a hiring platform that connects employers with job seekers in the transportation industry of Australia.

What does it cost to post a job on Driver Jobs?

Driver Jobs allows employers to post 10 jobs for free every month through JobDroid.

How do I create an account on Driver Jobs?

  1. Navigate to the JobDroid home page
  2. Click "employer's login" and then click "Register as Employer."
  3. Fill in the online form and click "Register as Employer" to create an account.

How do I edit a job post on Driver Jobs?

On your dashboard, select a job post and click "Edit."

How do I delete a job post on Driver Jobs?

On your dashboard, select a job post and click "Delete."

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