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Best Animation Job Boards:


Job Board


1.AWN Job Board

From $149.00 /post.


Free and paid options.

3.ArtStation Jobs

From $150.00 /post.

4.Zerply Jobs

From $249.00 /mo.


From $375.00 /post.

6.Animation Magazine Career Center

From $99.00 /post.

7.Motionographer Jobs

From $129.00 /post.


Free and paid options.


From $399.00 /mo.



*Companies may offer discounted rates for monthly, annual, and bulk packages.


Where can you find an animator job?

Job seekers in search of animator positions can try using niche job boards like the AWN job board or ArtStation Jobs to find roles. Alternatively, general job posting sites like Indeed or LinkedIn may also be good options for expanding your searches.

Are animation jobs in demand?

In the U.S., the animation industry is expected to grow rapidly over the next few years and on average, over 7,400 openings for special effects artists and animators are projected to become available annually.

What are some free animation job boards?

Employers can post animation jobs for free on platforms like Animatedjobs.com and Indeed.

Where can I find freelance animation job boards?

There are several niche job boards that advertise freelance animation roles, including Zerply Jobs, Guru, and Upwork.

Where can I post remote animation jobs?

Employers can use niche platforms like Motionographer Jobs and CreativeHeads.net to advertise remote animation jobs. General job boards, such as FlexJobs, also list remote and/or flexible working roles in animation.

Are there job boards for entry-level animation jobs?

There are several niche job boards, such as Animatedjobs.com and Animation Magazine Career Center, that allow employers to list entry-level and/or internship roles for animators. Some niche platforms for early-career professionals include InternJobs.com and College Recruiter.

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