Zookeeper Job Description

Zookeeper Job Description

October 21st, 2019

Sometimes called Animal Keepers, Zookeepers are trained professionals who care for animals who are bred and kept in captivity. They monitor animal behavior, ensure animals are fed, and that their habitats are kept clean and safe. Zookeepers also assist veterinarians with their duties and report any health issues.

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Zookeeper Job Description Template

We are searching for an honest and reliable Zookeeper to join our team. The Zookeeper’s responsibilities include keeping detailed records of all charges, preparing and delivering food and clean water, reporting animal irregularities and health issues, and administering medication. You should be strong and fit and able to exercise caution when dealing with all animals.

To be successful as a Zookeeper, you should be ultra observant and able to manage animals without being squeamish. Outstanding candidates are hardworking, driven by passion, and unafraid to get their hands dirty.

Zookeeper Responsibilities:

  • Monitoring, feeding, entertaining, and protecting all animals in your charge.
  • Ensuring habitats are clean and safe and that animals are healthy.
  • Keeping detailed records of animal breeding habits, behavior, and health, and reporting any irregularities to the relevant stakeholders.
  • Providing veterinarians with animal histories and information and assisting with the administration of medicine.
  • Educating the public about animals, which may include delivering spirited presentations, demonstrations, and lectures.
  • Liaising with other Zookeepers and building professional networks.
  • Attending talks, lectures, and seminars on animal conservation and zookeeping.
  • Conducting independent research and providing suggestions for improved animal care and fundraising initiatives.
  • Inspiring and providing training to new staff and volunteers.

Zookeeper Requirements:

  • Degree in Animal Science, Zoology, Biology, or similar.
  • Experience doing voluntary work with animals is recommended.
  • Previous experience working at a veterinary clinic is advantageous.
  • Patience, empathy, physical fitness, and people skills.
  • Strong observational skills and attention to detail.
  • A passion for animals is recommended.
  • Mental strength and willingness to be involved in all aspects of Zookeeping.

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