Zoologist Interview Questions

Zoologist Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Zoologists are animal scientists who study different species of animal and wildlife. They are responsible for studying animal behavior in their natural habitats and controlled environments, collecting and analyzing zoological data and contributing to scientific journals.

When you're interviewing Zoologists, candidates should demonstrate an admiration for animals and wildlife. Bad candidates will communicate ineffectively and have poor interpersonal skills.

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Zoologist Interview Questions:

1. Which experiences have prepared you for working with wildlife?

A love for animals and a passion for animal conservation are typically cited by Zoologists when listing their inspirations. Candidates should be curious about animal behavior and describe past experiences working with and caring for animals on farms, or in a personal capacity

2. How would you use data in your zoological research?

Candidates should describe how they would design a research experiment, outline data collection methods, then analyze data in order to understand an aspect of animal behavior, as an example.

3. Are there any animals you would prefer not to work with?

It is not uncommon for Zoologists to be afraid of certain animals, such as spiders or sharks. In the event that a candidate has a specific phobia, he/she should identify an academic niche that would not require interaction with said animal.

4. Which events will significantly impact zoological research in the next ten years?

Candidates should list the impact of deforestation and climate change as having a significant influence on animal conservation in the near future.

5. How do you keep abreast of developments in the zoological community?

Candidates should list reading scientific journals, Zoology blogs and attending conferences as their means of staying abreast of the latest zoological developments.

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