Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions

Veterinary Assistant

May 16th, 2019

A Veterinary Assistant allows veterinarians and veterinary technicians to focus on their work responsibilities by assisting them with nursing duties. Ideal candidates are empathetic, organized and detail-oriented. Avoid harsh, negative candidates.

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Veterinary Assistant Interview Questions

1. Do you love animals, and why would you say so?

It is essential for the applicant to convince you of their love for animals, as it is impossible for a Veterinary Assistant to be successful without this quality. Also bear in mind that love is more than a feeling—it is a verb, therefore the applicant needs to demonstrate the ability to care for animals' practical needs as well.

2. Could you give examples from past experience where you restrained aggressive patients proficiently?

Listen carefully. It is common for pets to become aggressive when they feel unwell and find themselves in unfamiliar situations. The candidate needs to display the ability to restrain these patients in an effective yet compassionate manner.

3. How do you provide a comfortable hospital environment for patients?

It is unpleasant for pets to stay over in a boarding or hospital environment, especially when they are feeling unwell. The potential hire needs to display the ability to provide a relaxing, comfortable hospital environment.

4. How would you educate our clients on dental care for their cats and dogs?

A Veterinary Assistant educates clients on pet care and treatment options. The candidate needs proficient knowledge and communication skills to do so.

5. Could you tell me more about FIV, FeLV and FIP, how these are detected and diagnosed, and the prognoses?

The prospective hire's answer will give you an indication of their medical knowledge, as well as their ability to explain medical terms.

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