Animal Trainer Interview Questions

Animal Trainer Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Animal Trainers prepare animals to perform or refrain from performing certain behaviors. Successful applicants will be patient animal lover with strong teaching skills. Avoid candidates cannot handle the physical demands of the job.

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Interview Questions for Animal Trainers

1. Describe how you would train an animal to do or not do something.

Demonstrates training techniques.

2. How do you determine the dietary or medical needs of animals? How do you tell the pet owner?

Shows analytical and communication skills.

3. What was your most challenging training experience? How did you cope?

Conveys ability to handle stress.

4. How do you balance the human client’s needs and the animal’s needs and abilities?

Shows ability to observe animals and set client expectations.

5. How do you handle a new training job? What is your process?

Conveys an understanding of the position.

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