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It is free to post a job on WorkInTexas.com.


WorkInTexas.com is a job board created by the Texas Workforce Commission. The board offers hiring features such as resume searching, job market trend information, and job post management.


  • It is completely free to post jobs on the site.
  • Jobs are managed from one platform that allows employers to post, edit, and manage job posts as well as track applicants.
  • Employers can create company profiles to enhance their job postings.
  • Employers can search and view resumes directly.
  • The site provides information on whether your company qualifies for local, state, or federal tax incentives.
  • Employers can view candidate market trends based on resumes on the system.


  • Employers need to log in to view features.
  • Users need to provide their EIN or social security number to register as an employer.
  • The site lacks advanced hiring features such as candidate matching and sharing posts to other relevant job boards.


We were unable to find reviews of WorkInTexas.com.

How to Post a Job on WorkInTexas.com:

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25 Minutes
How to Post a Job on WorkInTexas.com:

Five easy steps for posting a job on WorkInTexas.com


Posting a Job on WorkInTexas.com


Go to the home page.

Go to the home page.

Navigate to the WorkInTexas.com home page.


Click on "Post Job Openings."

Click on "Post Job Openings."

Move the cursor to the section marked "Employers," and click on the link to "Post Job Openings."


Select a representative type.

Select a representative type.

Scroll down the page and click on "Employers and Agents," read and agree to the Employer Use Agreement, and choose from the options provided to select your company representation. Then, click on "Next."


Complete the registration

Complete the registration

You will need your EIN or social security number to complete the registration process.


Create and post your job post.

Create and post your job post.

From the recruitment services widget on your employer dashboard, click on "Manage Jobs." Then, ensure the "Job Orders Tab" is selected, click on the "Add New Job Order Button," and complete the online form with information about your listing. When you're done, click on the "Finish" button to post your job.

WorkInTexas.com vs. HoustonJobs.com:

Like WorkInTexas.com, HoustonJobs.com is a regional job board advertising jobs in a wide range of industries. Both sites feature resume database access, but only HoustonJobs.com has featured posts. HoustonJobs.com's pricing starts at $179.00 per post, while WorkInTexas.com is completely free. Of the two, the latter is better for hiring statewide.

WorkInTexas.com vs. HireUTexas:

HireUTexas is a career portal for students and alumni at the University of Texas. The site allows for free job postings, offers invitations to job fairs, the ability to post to campus-wide or college-specific job boards, and the option to book virtual interviews. In contrast, WorkInTexas.com is a more general job board with a broader audience.

WorkInTexas.com vs. CareerBuilder:

While WorkInTexas.com is a job board dedicated to Texans, CareerBuilder is a general, international job posting site. This means that job vacancies will receive more exposure from a wider candidate pool than WorkInTexas.com. However, employers looking to employ Texans exclusively may benefit more from posting on WorkInTexas.com.

Key Information

Legal Name

Geographic Solutions, Inc.

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1998




What is WorkInTexas.com?

WorkInTexas.com is a Texan job board that employers can use to find job seekers in the state.

What does it cost to post a job on WorkInTexas.com?

It is free to post jobs on WorkInTexas.com.

How do I create an account on WorkInTexas.com?

  1. Navigate to www.workintexas.com.
  2. Scroll down to "Employers."
  3. Select "Post Job Openings."
  4. Scroll down to "Option 2 - Create a User Account."
  5. Click on "Employers and Agents" and agree to the employer use agreement.
  6. Fill in the personal and company information required.

How do I delete a job post on WorkInTexas.com?

Use the "Manage Jobs" tab to edit or delete job posts.

What types of jobs can I advertise on WorkInTexas.com?

WorkInTexas.com is a general job board, so employers can post any variety of jobs on the site.

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