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VeterinaryJobs.com is a job board that lists thousands of jobs for veterinary professionals across the U.S., Canada, and further afield. They offer a range of upgrades to boost job visibility and reach specific candidates, such as veterans and minorities. Employers can also opt for their jobs to be shared across a network of veterinary job boards.


  • Veterinaryjobs.com lists almost 17,000 veterinary vacancies across the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., and more.
  • Jobs for veterinarians, veterinary assistants and technicians, practice managers, receptionists, and more, can be listed.
  • A wide selection of job posting packages and upgrades are offered, with something to suit everyone's budgets and needs.
  • Jobs posted to the site can also be shared with over 1,000 national, niche, and local job boards for increased exposure.
  • Employers can browse resumes for free and only pay when they want to contact suitable candidates.
  • Local customer support is available.
  • Employers can choose to post anonymous vacancies.
  • Detailed company profiles can be created.
  • Employers can opt to allow online applications that will be stored in their accounts.
  • All job posting upgrades are available for U.S.-based jobs.


  • It is more costly than other job boards, such as VetMedJobs, which offers free postings.
  • Vacancies cannot be filtered by city or company, making it harder for job seekers to find you.
  • There is no trial or free plan available.


We were unable to find any online reviews of VeterinaryJobs.com.

VeterinaryJobs.com vs. AVMA Veterinary Career Center:

While VeterinaryJobs.com lists jobs outside the U.S., the AVMA caters to U.S. job seekers and employers only. Both job boards share postings to partner sites, but AVMA offers more packages and pricing tiers for members and nonmembers. AVMA resume databases are only accessible with a live posting, but anyone can view resumes on VeterinaryJobs.com.

VeterinaryJobs.com vs. ACVIM Career Center:

The ACVIM Career Center and VeterinaryJobs.com offer similar pricing and packages, but while the ACVIM caters exclusively to the U.S., VeterinaryJobs.com has a wider reach. In addition, the ACVIM provides limited job sharing, unlike VeterinaryJobs.com that shares jobs across a wide network.

VeterinaryJobs.com vs. VetMedJobs:

VetMedJobs is a free, basic veterinary job board without the wide range of packages and upgrades VeterinaryJobs.com boasts. With only one free plan available, VetMedJobs lacks the flexibility VeterinaryJobs.com offers. VetMedJobs does not provide a resume database. Unlike VeterinaryJobs.com, VetMedJobs' audience is limited to California.

Key Information

Legal Name

eJobstores.com, Inc.


Fran Grossman

Founding Date

May 30, 2001


2336 SE Ocean Blvd., Unit 380 Stuart, FL 34996




1 (860) 437-5700




How much does it cost to post a job on VeterinaryJobs.com?

Depending on the package and the additional upgrades you select, pricing ranges between $249.00 and $1,119.00 to post a job on VeterinaryJobs.com.

How do I create an account on VeterinaryJobs.com?

  1. Navigate to the home page.
  2. Click on "Employers" at the top of the page.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select "My Account."
  4. Fill in your details in the "New Users Create an Account" form.
  5. Click on "Create My Account" when you are done.

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