UX Designer Cover Letter

A step-by-step guide to writing a UX designer cover letter with a free template included.

UX Designer Cover Letter

August 14th, 2020

If you are applying for a position in UX design, a cover letter is a good way to showcase your skills and experience in a single page document that can be easily skimmed by the hiring manager. A good UX designer cover letter should highlight key skills such as wireframing or visual communication and list your most recent design achievements that would make you stand out from the crowd.

UX Designer Cover Letter Template:

Download our free UX designer cover letter template in MS Word format and personalize it to suit your needs.

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UX Designer Cover Letter:

[Full Name]

[Physical Address]

[Telephone Number]

[Email Address]


Application for the position of UX designer

Dear [recipient’s title and last name,]

I would like to apply for the position of UX designer as advertised [mention where you saw the advertisement.] My experience as a [UX designer or relevant field] and ability to [#1 skill] and [#2 skill] perfectly fit the advertised position's requirements. I am confident that my coding and design skills combined with my industry knowledge will be invaluable to [insert company name.]

I received my [qualification] from [institution and location,] and have [insert number] of years' experience in [UX design.] In my attached resume you will notice that I have [mention certifications, skills, and competencies] that answer directly to the requirements of your job posting.

In my [current or previous role] at [insert company name,] I [was/am] responsible for [discuss your core responsibilities.] Most recently, I was [talk about your major accomplishments and possibly an application or website you designed.]

As an experienced UX designer, I am impressed with [mention notable characteristics or milestones you appreciate about the company] and feel that my talent for visualizing feature interactions would be of great benefit to your company.

Please find my resume attached. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions you would like to discuss.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I look forward to hearing from you.


[Your Name]

How to write a UX Designer Cover Letter:

1. Address your letter.

The first step is to address your cover letter to the hiring manager or whoever posted the job advertisement. If you know their name, address them by their formal title followed by their last name, such as "Dear Ms. Potts." If you do not know their name, start with "Dear Hiring Manager." Avoid using generic greetings such as "To whom it may concern."

2. Start with a brief introduction.

The introduction part of your letter should be a condensed version of what you want to say in your document. State that you are applying for the position of UX designer and mention that your skills and experience match those mentioned in the job description. Also, describe why you are the ideal candidate for the role. Try to keep your introduction to a maximum of 3 sentences.

3. Talk about your qualifications and experience.

Start the next paragraph by detailing your qualifications and experience. For a UX designer position, employers look for candidates with a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in computer science, visual design, psychology, or related field. Then briefly describe your work experience, mentioning only the most relevant and recent positions.

4. Discuss your most recent role and responsibilities.

Following on from the previous paragraph, you should start a new paragraph talking about your current or most recent job. Go into detail about your responsibilities and any major achievements. Try to add statistics or numerical data where possible. The more precise the information, the better.

5. Celebrate the organization.

In the final paragraph of your cover letter, point out one or two things you admire about the company and why you would love to work there. This could include achievements in the industry, corporate culture, community involvement, or favorable employee feedback.

6. End with a call to action.

State that you've attached your resume for their consideration and invite the reader to contact you if they have any further questions.

7. Close your letter.

Close off your letter by thanking the reader for their time. Add "Sincerely" and sign off with your full name.


What qualifications do UX designers need?

Most UX design positions require a Bachelor's degree in computer technology, psychology, visual design, computer science, or similar.

What should be included in a cover letter for a UX designer?

  • Your full name and contact details.
  • The reason why you are writing.
  • A few paragraphs describing your skills and qualifications.
  • A call to action.

How long should a cover letter be for a UX designer position?

Ideally, your cover letter should not be longer than one page. It should detail your qualifications, experience, and why you would be ideal for the role.