Software Engineer Cover Letter

A complete step-by-step guide to writing an effective software engineer cover letter.

Software Engineer Cover Letter

July 27th, 2020

Software engineers are detail-oriented, highly-trained professionals who have a deep understanding of the entire software engineering life-cycle. A good software engineer cover letter should reflect these qualities by highlighting the candidates' expertise, experience, and qualifications.

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Software Engineer Cover Letter Example:

[Full Name]

[Email Address]

[Contact Number]

[LinkedIn Profile/Website Link]


Application for the position of software engineer at [company name].

Dear [Recipient’s title and last name],

After recently discovering your job posting [in/on] [source] for a qualified software engineer to join your IT department, I was excited to apply for the position as I believe I meet all the requirements to excel in this role. I am an experienced, qualified, and motivated software engineer who will be a great addition to your team.

I graduated from [university/college name] in [year] with a [qualification type] in [computer science/related fields] and currently hold a certificate in [specify]. With over [number of years] years of software engineering and full-stack web development experience, I have been able to master my [skill 1], [skill 2], and [skill 3] skills.

In my [current/previous] position at [specify], I was responsible for modifying software, identifying and correcting errors, directing software programming, and preparing reports on programming blueprints. This experience exposed me to the entire software engineering process, earning me recognition in [year] when I [add a career achievement].

I am confident my extensive knowledge of the software engineering life-cycle, paired with my excellent technical skills, will make me the ideal candidate. I look forward to discussing the role further and I'm grateful that you took the time to consider my application. Please find my resume attached and do not hesitate to contact me at [email address] or [telephone number].

[Your name]

How to Write a Software Engineer Cover Letter:

1. Address your cover letter.

Your cover letter should begin with your current contact information, followed by a heading and professional greeting. For your greeting, you'll want to personalize the letter by including the recruiter or hiring manager's preferred title (Mr./Ms./Dr.) and their full name or last name.

2. Write a captivating opening paragraph.

Your opening statement is a brief but compelling paragraph with the main goal being to inform the recruiter or hiring manager about where you discovered the job ad, to state your interest in the position, and to showcase your best qualities. Because your opening paragraph acts as your first formal introduction, be sure to add at least two motivations to support why you think you're ideal for this role.

3. Add your qualifications and list of competencies.

Now that you've declared yourself a suitable candidate, it's time to back your opening statement up with tangible evidence. Start with your qualifications and lead into your list of skills. Software engineers typically hold a bachelor's degree in computer science and demonstrate excellent analytical, technical, and creative skills.

4. Write about your work experience.

The second paragraph in your cover letter's body focuses on your professional experience as a software engineer. Here, you'll want to emphasize the type of responsibilities you currently or previously completed to help hiring managers or recruiters determine the workload you're familiar with. Write about four of your routine job responsibilities and, if possible, include a snippet about your greatest career milestone(s).

5. Add a call to action.

The last paragraph in your cover letter is your final chance to win the recipient over and convince them to either read your resume or follow-up with an interview. Reaffirm your interest in the position and thank the recipient for considering your application. Before signing-off, add your contact information and make it clear that you're available to discuss the position further.


What skills do I need to become a software engineer?

  • Exceptional analytical, technical, and creative skills.
  • Extensive knowledge of the software engineering life-cycle.
  • Solid understanding of programming languages.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.

What is the format of a software engineer cover letter?

  • Contact information.
  • Heading.
  • Greeting.
  • Opening paragraph.
  • Body.
  • Call to action.
  • Sign-off.

What should be included in my software engineer cover letter?

A good software engineer cover letter should include the candidate's list of relevant skills, their qualifications, and an overview of their employment history.