From $275.00 /post.

Free offer

Free to post internship opportunities for college students.

Job post duration

30 and 60 days.

Company profiles

Applicant tracking system

Resume database access

Customer support channels

Phone and email.

Review: offers employers in Utah a highly targeted approach to hiring as well as a comprehensive range of recruitment services, including an applicant tracking system, diversity hiring solutions, and access to a searchable resume database. There are also multiple branding options for employers to showcase their business.

While the site has an attractive feature profile, its standard job postings are costlier than alternatives, such as the Utah Department of Workforce Services, Craigslist, and Indeed.


  • There are several job posting plans that suit different hiring needs.
  • Employers can choose between 30- and 60-day job posting durations.
  • All plans include a company profile and social media integration.
  • Job ads can be enhanced with a Featured Tag for increased visibility.
  • The Local Recruiting Subscription includes unlimited job slots and resume database access.
  • The platform offers community and diversity hiring solutions.
  • The site features a built-in applicant tracking system that employers can use to streamline their hiring processes.
  • Job ads are cross-posted across a network of local employment and diversity sites.
  • The site offers multiple employer branding solutions that can be used to showcase and promote businesses.


  • There is no free job posting option aside from free internship listings for college students.
  • The platform is costlier than other local options, such as the Utah Department of Workforce Services and Craigslist.


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30-Day Single Job Posting


60-Day Single Job Posting


3 Job Posts


5 Job Posts


10 Job Posts


1 Featured Tag


3 Featured Tags


5 Featured Tags


Local Recruiting Subscription

Contact for quote.

How to Post a Job on

$275.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on

Seven easy steps for posting a job on


Posting a job on


Click on "Employers: Post a Job."

Click on "Employers: Post a Job."

Navigate to the home page and click on the orange "Employers: Post a Job" button.


Select a job posting plan.

Select a job posting plan.

Review the hiring packages and select the option that best suits your needs.


Click on "Checkout."

Click on "Checkout."

Review the items in your online shopping cart and click on "Checkout" when you're ready to proceed.


Create an account.

Create an account.

Scroll down to the "Create your employer account" heading and complete the online form with your details. When complete, select the "Save Registration" button toward the bottom of the page.

You'll be prompted to verify your phone number and email address.


Complete your billing information.

Complete your billing information.

Review and edit the prefilled billing details on the next page. When complete, click on "Continue" toward the bottom of the page.


Make the payment.

Make the payment.

Add your payment information and click on "Submit" to complete the purchase.


Create and post your job ad.

Create and post your job ad.

Once you've paid for your job posting plan, you can create and publish your job ad. Log in to your account and click on "Post a New Job" from the drop-down menu beneath "My Jobs" to get started. vs. Utah Department of Workforce Services:

Unlike, Utah Department of Workforce Services offers a completely free job posting service. Both platforms target a local audience of job seekers and feature a searchable resume database and social media integration. However, only distributes job postings to other employment sites. vs. Craigslist:

Craigslist offers far more affordable standard job posting rates than but lacks a free option for posting internship opportunities, which does offer. However, Craigslist offers free access to its resume database, whereas only includes this with its paid subscription option. vs. Indeed: and Indeed both offer a comprehensive range of hiring tools, including featured job postings, company profile pages, and a searchable resume database. While Indeed is more affordable, offering both free and sponsored job posting options, it doesn't target a location-specific job seeker audience, which does.

Key Information

Legal Name

The Infosoft Group LLC


Scott Molitor

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1994


1000 N. Water St., Milwaukee, WI 53202

Number of Employees




1 (800) 984-3775



What is is a location-specific job portal for Utah. The platform is part of Circa's nationwide network of niche recruitment websites and offers employers a wide array of hiring tools, services, and resources.

What does it cost to post a job on's pricing starts at $275.00 for a 30-day job listing. Bulk discounts and a subscription option are also available as well as a free option for posting internship opportunities for college students.

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