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Top Startup Jobs is a job posting service offered by Top Startup, a dedicated platform that advertises newly funded startups from across the globe. While Top Startup Jobs does provide employer branding and simple organization features, it lacks multiple features offered by its competitors, including a resume database and applicant tracking tools.


  • Job ads are organized by category, size, and location to help simplify the application process.
  • Employers can add a company logo to help improve the job ad's credibility.
  • Compared to competitors, including Startup Jobs, Top Startup Jobs is more affordable.
  • The platform offers a targeted hiring approach for employers based in the startup sector.
  • Employers can also advertise their startup to help job seekers get to know their company.
  • According to Top Startup, the platform receives over 90,000 monthly visitors.


  • The platform does not offer free job posting plans.
  • Top Startup Jobs predominantly advertises startups that have received funding.
  • Employers have to request permission to advertise vacancies on the job board.
  • All job ads must link to a company's website or the original job post.
  • Customer support is only available once employers subscribe to the site.


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Top Startup Jobs' pricing starts at $99.00 per post. However, Top Startup Jobs does not reveal full pricing on its website. Interested users are encouraged to subscribe to the platform and contact support for more pricing information.

Top Startup Jobs vs. VentureLoop:

Both Top Startup Jobs and VentureLoop's pricing starts at $99.00 per post. The two competitors also provide a special focus on job opportunities within startups. However, VentureLoop stands out for its impressive reach, with the platform claiming to receive around 125,000 visits per month, at least 35,000 more views than Top Startup Jobs.

Top Startup Jobs vs. GeekWork:

Of the two competitors, GeekWork offers access to more robust tools missing from Top Startup Jobs' plan, including social media promotion and featured listings. Additionally, while GeekWork provides free and paid job posting packages, Top Startup Jobs is a paid platform, with prices starting at $99.00 per post.

Top Startup Jobs vs. Startup Jobs:

While both platforms focus on opportunities within startup companies, Top Startup Jobs and Startup Jobs differ significantly in pricing. With Top Startup Jobs, prices start at $99.00 per post, but the platform lacks additional features offered by Startup Jobs, including featured listings. However, Startup Jobs' prices start at $299.00 per post.

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How much does it cost to post a job ad on Top Startup Jobs?

Top Startup Jobs' pricing starts at $99.00 per post. Those interested in posting job ads on the website can contact Top Startup Jobs for more pricing information.

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