Technical Officer Interview Questions

Technical Officer Interview Questions

April 6th, 2020

Also known as Maintenance Technicians, Technical Officers ensure that facility structures remain intact and safe, that grounds are kept neat, and that equipment functions well. They also frequently perform repairs and advise on repair costs.

When interviewing Technical Officers, look for candidates who possess extensive experience in facility maintenance and demonstrate a proactive approach. Be wary of Technical Officers who lack knowledge of standard maintenance practices and those with limited awareness of safety precautions.

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Interview Questions for Technical Officers:

1. Can you describe mistakes that inexperienced Technical Officers often make?

Evaluates the extent of the candidate's maintenance experience and skills.

2. You notice evidence of rising damp in an interior wall. What do you do?

Demonstrates the candidate's expertise in maintaining structural integrity and their ability to respond appropriately in challenging situations.

3. Can you tell me how you would trace and repair an underground water pipe leak?

Tests the candidate's experience and competency with plumbing repairs.

4. Can you tell me about a time when you had to motivate for a costly repair?

Highlights the candidate's interpersonal and communication skills when confronted with a challenge.

5. A wall socket needs to be replaced. How will you determine the repair cost?

Assesses the candidate's resourcefulness and proficiency in cost calculations.

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