Substance Abuse Counselor Interview Questions

Substance Abuse Counselor Interview Questions

March 18th, 2020

Substance Abuse Counselors are mental health specialists who evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate patients with alcohol, drug, substance, and behavioral addictions. They ensure appropriate levels of care, facilitate individual and group sessions, and monitor long-term recovery.

When interviewing Substance Abuse Counselors, look for suitably qualified candidates with demonstrable counseling experience. Avoid those whose interventions are not in line with best industry practices, and those who do not keep up with advancements in the field.

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Interview Questions for Substance Abuse Counselors:

1. What qualifications and experience make you suitable for this role?

Assesses the candidate's suitability and knowledge of the role.

2. A patient is emotionally distressed after suffering a relapse. How do you respond?

Evaluates the candidate's clinical intervention skills.

3. What has been your greatest achievement working as a Substance Abuse Counselor?

Highlights the candidate's expertise and practical experience.

4. How would you counsel partners who enable addiction because they fear outbursts?

Demonstrates the candidate's approach to common problems faced by a patient's family and friends.

5. Can you elaborate on one of SAHMSA's four key elements of recovery for addicts?

Tests the candidate's knowledge of industry best practices and quality care.

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