Licensed Professional Counselor Interview Questions

Licensed Professional Counselor Interview Questions

September 17th, 2019

Licensed Professional Counselors treat those with psychological difficulties, plus non-disordered individuals seeking to live more adaptively. Interventions typically account for individual and contextual phenomena.

When interviewing Licensed Professional Counselors, outstanding candidates will be fluent in numerous languages. Avoid candidates with diminished resilience and emotion regulation.

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Interview Questions for Licensed Professional Counselors:

1. When would it be appropriate to separate groups to run concurrent individual therapy?

Tests knowledge of adaptive and destructive procedures surrounding the splitting of groups.

Illustrates diagnostic abilities.

3. Which disorders are highly comorbid with phantom limb syndrome?

Inspects knowledge about obscure conditions and their concomitant presentations.

4. How strictly would you adhere to the diagnostic criteria outlined in authoritative manuals?

Assesses an awareness of cultural variations in pertinent symptomology plus confidence in one's discretionary abilities.

5. How would you handle a case that became too tough to manage due to your own experiences?

Examines perceptions about job-related difficulties and referral processes.

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