Licensed Professional Counselor Job Description

Licensed Professional Counselor Job Description

September 17th, 2019

Licensed Professional Counselors are trained to provide counseling and psychotherapy to those experiencing psychological difficulties. Licensed Professional Counselors may be self-employed, though many work in public or other private facilities.

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Licensed Professional Counselor Job Description Template

We are searching for an unbiased Licensed Professional Counselor to lead counseling and psychotherapeutic interventions. The Licensed Professional Counselor should schedule intake assessments, gauge clients' treatment needs, and then devise contextually sensitive treatment options. As therapy unfolds, you should review the suggested length and type of interventions to boost clients' prospects of fully recovering.

To ensure success as a Licensed Professional Counselor, you should be able to take projection in your stride while maintaining honest dialogues with clients. A remarkable Licensed Professional Counselor will be cognizant of societal factors that shape clients' experiences.

Licensed Professional Counselor Responsibilities:

  • Informing prospective clients about pertinent financial and emotional commitments.
  • Consulting with new clients to gauge their difficulties and resources.
  • Devising tailor-made treatment regimens and adapting these, as needed.
  • Addressing concerns through talk therapy and by modeling adaptive, sustainable behaviors.
  • Promoting constructive self-reflection, helpful coping techniques, and nurturing relationships.
  • Monitoring perceptions about and adherence to suggested treatment.
  • Recording symptomology over time to ascertain the utility of interventions.
  • Writing medical and suitable referral notes, as required.
  • Staying warm, engaged, and receptive as you work to facilitate healing.

Licensed Professional Counselor Requirements:

  • Master's degree in a Counseling-related stream.
  • Proven experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor.
  • Registered and able to practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor.
  • Proficient in numerous local languages is preferred.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.
  • Committed to delivering culturally congruent treatment.
  • Strong, demonstrable community orientation.
  • Empathic, sensitive, and driven to foster healing.

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