Stewardess Job Description

Stewardess Job Description

July 8th, 2020

Stewardesses are more often known as Flight Attendants, and they work to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during flights. They deliver safety instructions, prepare and hand out food, and maintain the interior of the plane during flight. Stewardesses may also be found working in other businesses, such as in restaurants or on yachts.

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Stewardess Job Description Template

We are looking for a cheerful, outgoing individual to join our company as a Stewardess. The responsibilities of this role include performing preflight checks on first aid kits, food, and beverages, greeting passengers, taking tickets, checking seatbelts, and seeing to the safety and comfort of all passengers during flights.

To be successful as a Stewardess, you should have extensive emergency training and should be willing to frequently go on long international flights. Ultimately, a top-notch Stewardess is friendly and personable with great customer service skills.

Stewardess Responsibilities:

  • Performing preflight checks and ensuring the plane is well-equipped with emergency gear and enough food and drinks.
  • Assisting with the boarding process, greeting passengers, checking tickets, and helping passengers to find their seats.
  • Explaining emergency and safety procedures to passengers and ensuring all seat belts are fastened.
  • Directing evacuations and providing first aid in emergencies.
  • Maintaining the cabin of the plane during flight, restocking supplies, and seeing to issues such as entertainment system malfunctions.
  • Preparing, offering, and serving meals, snacks, and drinks to passengers.
  • Assisting with the de-boarding processes in a timely and orderly manner.

Stewardess Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • A Bachelor's degree in Communication, Hospitality, or Psychology may be advantageous.
  • On-the-job training and FAA certification.
  • Knowledge of a foreign language may be advantageous.
  • First aid and CPR certification may be advantageous.
  • Must hold a valid passport and meet the height and weight requirements for operating an airplane's facilities.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills.
  • Strong leadership qualities as well as teamwork skills.
  • Willingness to adapt to a flexible schedule.

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