Stewardess Interview Questions

Stewardess Interview Questions

July 8th, 2020

Also known as Flight Attendants, Stewardesses provide personal services during commercial and international flights to see to the safety and comfort of airline passengers. However, Stewardesses may also work in other businesses, such as in restaurants or for yacht companies.

When interviewing Stewardesses, look for candidates who demonstrate strong communication and customer service skills. Be wary of candidates who lack leadership qualities or first aid and emergency response training.

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Interview Questions for Stewardesses:

1. Why do you think you would be a good Stewardess?

Demonstrates candidates' self-confidence and understanding of the role.

2. What would you do if a passenger refused to follow flight rules and regulations?

Illustrates candidates' problem-solving and leadership skills.

3. If you've flown as a passenger before, what did you think of the service?

Shows candidates' observational and critical thinking skills.

4. Describe a difficult passenger you served. What would you have done differently?

Illustrates candidates' customer service skills and their ability to learn from their mistakes.

5. What are the first steps you'll take if there is an emergency in the air?

Demonstrates candidates' knowledge of emergency procedures and their ability to handle stressful situations.

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