Steward Interview Questions

Steward Interview Questions

May 27th, 2019

Stewards perform a wide variety of tasks, from cleaning tables, dishes, and food preparation areas, to serving customers and assisting wait staff. Stewards may also answer phones and give out basic information on reservations, availability, hours, and services.

When interviewing Stewards, look for candidates who demonstrate strong team working and communication skills, as well as good customer service skills. Be wary of candidates who lack the flexibility to work shifts.

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Interview Questions for Stewards:

1. What would you do if, just before service, you discovered a table had been double-booked?

Demonstrates candidates' problem-solving, communication, and team working skills.

2. What tasks would you expect to perform during a busy period?

Demonstrates candidates' knowledge and experience of food service as well as team working skills.

3. How would you prioritize tasks during a busy period?

Demonstrates candidates' time management skills. Avoid candidates who demonstrate an unwillingness to assist with table clearing and dishwashing.

4. What information should you ask for when taking a reservation?

Demonstrates candidates' ability to handle administrative tasks.

5. How would respond if a customer stopped you and complained about their food?

Demonstrates candidates' customer service and problem-solving skills.

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