Busboy Interview Questions

Busboy Interview Questions

Busboys support other restaurant staff members by cleaning and setting tables, stocking supplies, and attending to the needs of guests. They may also be known as bussers.

Suitable bussers will be proactive and cooperative. Avoid those who will not work well with others in hectic environments.

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Interview Questions for Busboys

1. Do you have experience working as part of a team? Provide examples.

Shows ability to work with others.

2. How would you handle a demanding customer?

Displays customer service skills

3. Do you think you can meet the physical requirements of this job, such as lifting heavy trays or standing for extended periods?

Demonstrates physical fitness.

4. Why is the busser’s role important? Explain.

Shows candidate’s understanding of the job.

5. Do you think you can remain focused and keep up during busy hours?

Demonstrates work ethic and efficiency.

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