Barista Interview Questions

Barista Interview Questions

Baristas work in coffee shops and cafes and make and serve high-quality coffee blends, tea, and foods. Successful candidates will be courteous, helpful, and passionate about food and beverage quality. Avoid candidates who lack proper job knowledge or customer service skills.

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Interview Questions for Baristas

1. What do you know about different coffee blends and brewing methods?

Demonstrates job knowledge.

2. How would you improve current displays to attract more buyers?

Shows creativity.

3. Are you familiar with any of the products in our store? Try to sell it to me.

Demonstrates sales skills and attentiveness.

4. Describe a time when you successfully resolve an issue for a dissatisfied customer.

Reveals how candidate processes complaints and handles stress.

5. What do you think a barista does? How would you manage all of these tasks?

Reveals candidate’s job expectations and time management skills.

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