Cocktail Waitress Interview Questions

Cocktail Waitress Interview Questions

Last updated September 18th, 2017

Cocktail Waitresses, or Cocktail Servers, serve alcoholic beverages and food to nightclub and bar patrons. Successful applicants will be engaging and attentive. Avoid irresponsible or discourteous applicants.

Interview Questions for Cocktail Waitresses

1. What would you do if a customer was unsatisfied with a drink?

Demonstrates customer service skills.

2. How would you work with other staff members to ensure that customers are not overserved?

Shows willingness to comply with rules.

3. Of our current menu items, what is your favorite appetizer and drink combination? Why?

Demonstrates preparedness and job knowledge.

4. How would you ensure your tables received excellent service on a busy night?

Shows ability to multitask.

5. Other than serving food and drinks, what duties do you expect to perform?

Conveys an understanding of the position.

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