Bartender Interview Questions

Bartender Interview Questions

Bartenders greet customers, mix, garnish and serve beverages, serve food, and ensure bar patrons have a great time. Successful applicants will have a polite, engaging personality and professional appearance. Avoid those who lack customer service or drink preparation skills.

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Interview Questions for Bartenders

1. Describe the process of welcoming a customer to the bar and taking their initial order.

Shows customer service skills.

2. How do you handle angry or intoxicated customers? How do you ensure proper consumption on busy nights?

Demonstrates attentiveness, stress handling, and compliance with rules.

3. How do you analyze preferences and make recommendations?

Displays people reading skills and drink knowledge.

4. Have you ever invented or improved a cocktail? How?

Shows creativity and job knowledge.

5. Which duties and character traits are essential to being a bartender?

Reveals duty expectations.

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