Server Interview Questions

Server Interview Questions

Last updated November 3rd, 2017

Servers see to the comfort of restaurant patrons by answering their questions, taking their orders and communicating them to kitchen staff, supplying them with anything they require, and processing their payments. Strong candidates will be polite, professional, and efficient. Avoid unobservant candidates or those who lack customer service skills.

Interview Questions for Servers

1. Explain how you've satisfied angry customers.

Tests customer service skills.

2. Describe your favorite appetizer, drink, entree, and dessert.

Shows menu knowledge.

3. Name some common dietary restrictions and select one of our menu items for each.

Tests knowledge of ingredients.

4. How do you manage your tables on busy nights? How do you maintain service quality and accuracy?

Demonstrates the ability to multitask.

5. What is your approach to upselling items? Is it more important to sell expensive items or satisfy the patron?

Tests sales skills.

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