Singer Job Description

Singer Job Description

September 30th, 2019

Singers read, memorize, and perform music to live audiences or in the studio. They may receive formal education and training, or rely purely on raw talent and hard work. Singers also collaborate with other artists and increase their employment prospects by learning to play instruments, act, and dance.

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Singer Job Description Template

We are searching for a professional Singer to join our talented team. The Singer's responsibilities include memorizing lyrics, rehearsing and performing songs, recording in the studio, attending photoshoots and making promotional videos, as well as collaborating with a team of creatives. You should be well-versed in a range of styles and have the ability to connect with various audiences through rhythm and melody.

To be successful as a Singer, you should always strive to expand your repertoire and be prepared to work long hours and travel frequently. Outstanding Singers demonstrate superb creative intelligence, and great interpersonal, and time management skills.

Singer Responsibilities:

  • Learning, memorizing, recording, rehearsing, and performing songs.
  • Collaborating with managers, movie producers, and other musicians.
  • Fine-tuning craft through singing exercises and vocal training.
  • Maintaining the appropriate physical appearance and stamina needed for performances.
  • Acquiring new musical skills, e.g., playing different instruments.
  • Learning dance routines, acting, as well as new genres of music.
  • Attending photo shoots, promotional events, and maintaining an active presence on social media.
  • Showing up on time for recording sessions and gigs.
  • Networking with other artists and interacting with fans and followers.

Singer Requirements:

  • Talent and singing skills.
  • Degree in Music or similar might be advantageous.
  • Vocal training and ability to play instruments recommended.
  • Experience in live performances or shows would be advantageous.
  • Pleasant disposition and ability to connect with audiences.
  • Willingness to work long hours and travel frequently.
  • A professional appearance and positive attitude.

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