Music Therapist Interview Questions

Music Therapist

May 16th, 2019

A Music Therapist assists people experiencing chronic and acute pain, mental health and substance abuse issues, and learning and developmental disabilities by using music interventions. Ideal candidates are empathetic, tuneful and organized. Avoid discordant, harsh candidates.

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Music Therapist Interview Questions

1. Could you sing three of your favorite songs?

Listen carefully. The candidate needs to convince you of their musical aptitude.

2. Which musical instruments do you play proficiently?

The potential hire’s answer will further demonstrate their musical skills.

3. How would you end a therapy session with a client with Alzheimer’s disease—or a child with autism—who are enjoying themselves and don’t want you to leave?

Many clients who use music therapy have limited verbal communication skills. The applicant needs to show the ability to communicate effectively and empathetically with these clients.

4. How do you play musical instruments, sing, interact with clients, make notes and assess clients simultaneously?

The answer to this question will illuminate the candidate’s multitasking and organizational skills.

5. Could you share three of your success stories as a Music Therapist?

The applicant will further display their competency in this answer.

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