Clinical Psychologist Interview Questions

Clinical Psychologist Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Clinical Psychologists provide many types of treatments for clients with psychological, emotional and behavioral disorders. Ideal candidates are trustworthy, emotionally stable and have outstanding problem-solving skills. Avoid prejudiced, impatient candidates.

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Clinical Psychologist Interview Questions

1. What was your most challenging case in the past, and how did you accomplish a suitable outcome?

The potential hire’s answer will demonstrate their ability to obtain positive outcomes and will give you insight into their approaches.

2. Which are the most common disorders you have treated, and how have you approached these?

The candidate’s response will give you insight into their experience, the approaches they employ, and the shortcomings and successes of their approaches.

3. How have clients’ non-verbal cues helped you to make assessments in the past?

The answers to this question will give you insight into the candidate's observational skills.

4. What was the most severe condition you have treated, and how did it affect you?

The potential hire's answer will give you further insight into their experience and capabilities, as well as their ability to deal with distressing situations.

5. How would you define a successful Clinical Psychologist?

The candidate's answer will give you insight into aspects of being a Clinical Psychologist they focus on.

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