Child Psychologist Interview Questions

Child Psychologist Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Child Psychologists assess, diagnose, and treat children who may suffer from a wide range of mental, emotional, or social disorders. Suitable candidates will demonstrate professionalism, empathy, and knowledge of recent industry research and therapies. Be wary of candidates who lack patience, and have poor communication and listening skills.

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Interview Questions for Child Psychologists

1. How do you assess a child's needs and determine which treatment plan may be right for them?

Provides insight into the candidate's diagnostic process and knowledge of treatment options.

2. Can you describe a case where you suggested a treatment plan which proved to be effective?

Provides insight into applicant's work experience and critical thinking skills.

3. How do you deal with difficult and uncooperative children?

Reveals more about the candidate's communications skills, people skills, and ability to adapt in unique cases.

4. Can you tell us about a case where you felt you were expected to act unethically? What did you do in this situation?

Shows the candidate can handle ethical dilemmas and tests their integrity.

Demonstrates industry knowledge.

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