Music Producer Job Description

Music Producer Job Description

May 16th, 2019

Also known as record producers and track producers, music producers manage the entire process by which bands and performers record, produce and release music, and assume many roles during the process.

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Music Producer Job Description Template

We are looking for a hard-working, innovative music producer who takes pride in professionalism, is passionate about the process, and has a positive attitude. Music producers can expect to work with costs and expenses, multiple teams, musicians and performers from various genres, and a number of digital audio workstations. Their responsibilities include managing budgets, coaching artists, rearranging compositions, employing session musicians, and liaising with recording engineers.

Successful music producers should themselves be competent instrumentalists and composers or arrangers, entrepreneurial in their approach, and knowledgeable about trends in the market. Ideally, the most suitable candidate will have worked on successful projects, and have a respect for both new and old techniques and technologies.

Music Producer Responsibilities:

  • Gathering ideas and inspiration for projects.
  • Running recording sessions.
  • Rearranging compositions or suggesting changes to lyrics.
  • Managing project budgets.
  • Handling contracts and negotiations.
  • Guiding the mixing, mastering and recording engineers.
  • Developing the vision and direction for each project.

Music Producer Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in science of music, or Bachelor's degree in music.
  • Knowledge of industry law and ethics.
  • Firm grasp of sound editing techniques.
  • 3+ years' experience using digital audio hardware and software.

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