August 1st, 2019

SEEK is one of the most important job advertising sites in Australia. It's been online since 1998, and claims 26 million job seekers visiting its site monthly. If you're hiring in Australia, SEEK should definitely be on your radar.

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Ad Type



Classic ad

$275.00 + GST

30 day ad, unlimited changes, emailed to relevant candidates, mobile and tablet friendly ad, Access to job seeker profiles, applicant tracking tools.

StandOut ad

$330.00 + GST

In addition to Classic features: Company logo, Add 3 bullet points, bolded, with border.

Premium ad

$395.00–$695.00 + GST

In addition to StandOut features: Faster access to 2x more candidates, priority search result listing, top placement in job alert emails.


How To Place An Ad On Seek

How do I advertise on SEEK?

  1. Go to and click "Employer Site."
  2. Click "Register" and enter your basic info.
  3. Confirm your account via email.
  4. Click "new job ad" on the confirmation page.
  5. Add information about your job, select a package, click continue.
  6. Add additional info about the job, email preferences, click continue.
  7. Add business address info.
  8. Enter payment info and confirm your ad.

See a list of SEEK pricing.

How much does it cost to advertise on SEEK?

SEEK advertising costs from $275.00 to $695.00 per ad. What you spend depends on your budget and the results you're looking for. If you've got a job that's critical and hard to fill, for example, you may want to spend more.

How long do job ads stay on SEEK?

A standard job advert lasts for 30 days, but this can be extended by 30 days multiple times.

See a list of SEEK pricing.

Is a SEEK advert worth paying for?

While there are many places to advertise jobs free these days, it may be worth it for you to run a paid SEEK ad, especially if you know a lot of your top talent searches for jobs there.

See a list of SEEK pricing.

Will SEEK advertise my jobs on other boards too?

There are many job boards that aggregate jobs from around the internet, including from other job boards. But there's nothing that explicitly says that if you post a job on SEEK it will be picked up anywhere else.

See a list of SEEK pricing.

Can I advertise on SEEK for free?

We have not seen any free trials, coupons, or promos that offer the use of SEEK talent services for free.

See a list of SEEK pricing.

How to advertise on SEEK cost-effectively?

  1. Try a standard job post without any of the extra cost add-ons.
  2. Consider upgrading to a StandOut or Premium job ad.

Regardless of how expensive the add-ons are, none of these will help if your job post is poorly written. [See our free job description template]](

What are some alternatives to SEEK?