Public Relations Assistant Interview Questions

Public Relations Assistant Interview Questions

October 30th, 2020

Also known as PR Assistants, Public Relations Assistants work in the PR department and assist with the conceptualization and creation of promotional content for public relations initiatives. They support public relations teams to maintain the positive public personas of their clients.

When interviewing Public Relations Assistants, look for candidates who demonstrate a good working knowledge of PR concepts and best practices, as well as excellent computer skills. Be wary of candidates who lack excellent communication and presentation skills, as well as those who demonstrate poor organizational skills.

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Interview Questions for Public Relations Assistants:

1. What do you think is the most important aspect of public relations?

Demonstrates the candidate's industry knowledge and their understanding of the role.

2. What would you include in a press kit if asked to assemble one?

Illustrates the candidate's work experience and knowledge of PR processes.

3. When responding to the media, what questions do you find difficult to answer?

Indicates the candidate's critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as their ability to make quick decisions.

4. If a manager asked for a media person's contact details, how would you find them?

Showcases the candidate's research skills and their ability to handle and maintain media lists and PR databases.

5. In your opinion, how does social media impact public relations?

Indicates the candidate's ability to effectively use social media in public relations management.

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