Pilot Job Description

Pilot Job Description

October 7th, 2019

Also called Aviators, Pilots operate aircraft in various industries. They can be employed in the commercial sector, work for airlines, the military, or take on private jobs. Pilots typically form part of a crew consisting of the captain, and the first officer or co-pilot, who work together to safely fly and navigate aircraft. They also perform regular aircraft inspections.

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Pilot Job Description Template

We are searching for a reliable, trustworthy Pilot to join our crew. The Pilot’s responsibilities include transporting passengers and cargo, determining the safest routes, analyzing flight plans and weather conditions, calculating fuel, and inspecting operation systems and navigation equipment. During emergencies, you should react appropriately and help keep the cabin crew and passengers calm.

To be successful as a Pilot, you should be detail-orientated and be able to focus under pressure. Outstanding candidates are lifelong learners with superb self-confidence and situational awareness.

Pilot Responsibilities:

  • Performing pre and post-flight inspections of fuel, equipment, and navigational systems.
  • Operating the aircraft safely and maintaining a good degree of professionalism at all times.
  • Monitoring weather conditions and communicating with air traffic control during flights.
  • Liaising with co-pilots and flight crew throughout the flight.
  • Updating and reassuring passengers and crew during emergencies.
  • Determining the safest routes and analyzing flight plans prior to takeoff.
  • Getting enough rest between flights.
  • Anticipating issues and maintaining professionalism during emergencies.
  • Keeping up to date with aircraft advancements and equipment.

Pilot Requirements:

  • Completion of the required number of training hours.
  • Passing relevant tests and exams.
  • A relevant license and certification.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to function under pressure.
  • Excellent leadership skills, situational awareness, and professionalism.

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