Occupational Therapy Assistant Interview Questions

Occupational Therapy Assistant Interview Questions

May 28th, 2019

Occupational Therapy Assistants support the Occupational Therapist with the clerical tasks of practice management and the implementation of treatment plans.

The most suitable candidate will demonstrate a high level of patience and a passion for helping people improve their quality of life. Be wary of candidates with poor interpersonal skills.

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Interview Questions for Occupational Therapist Assistants:

1. What interests you about being an Occupational Therapy Assistant?

Shows the candidate's personal motivation and commitment to the profession.

2. Can you describe some of the good and bad experiences you have had with patients?

Reveals the candidate's experience and interpersonal skills.

3. What do you find is the most challenging aspect of the work?

Demonstrates the candidate's knowledge and work experience.

4. Can you recall a work experience that demanded a great deal of patience?

Shows the candidate's ability to be patient.

5. You disagree with the Occupational Therapist on some points of a treatment plan. How do you approach the matter?

Illustrates the candidate's training, knowledge, and interpersonal skills.

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