Physical Therapist Interview Questions

Physical Therapist Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Physical Therapists use exercise, movement training, massage, and other therapies to help patients regain strength and flexibility after illness or injury. Strong candidates will be supportive, engaging, and knowledgeable. Avoid those who lack coaching or motivational skills.

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Interview Questions for Physical Therapists

1. Describe some of your most challenging cases. What therapies did you use?

Reveals more about history.

2. How do assess a patient’s condition? How do you track progress?

Shows attention to detail.

3. How do you motivate patients? How do you deal with patients who refuse to cooperate?

Tests interpersonal skills.

4. How do you resolve disagreements with doctors/ PTs? How would you handle a disagreement with an assistant?

Tests conflict resolution skills.

5. How do you set expectations for family members/caregivers and provide status updates? How do you keep them engaged throughout recovery?

Shows communication skills.

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