Occupational Therapist Interview Questions

Occupational Therapist Interview Questions

Last updated November 2nd, 2017

Occupational Therapists use everyday activities and special equipment to help patients develop or regain the skills necessary for daily life and employment. Successful candidates will be compassionate, supportive, and posses a thorough understanding of current treatment and therapy methods. Avoid candidates who lack communication or motivation skills.

Interview Questions for Occupational Therapists

1. How do you assess a patient’s condition and track their progress?

Shows attentiveness.

2. What has been your most challenging case? How did you handle it?

Reveals more about work history.

3. How do you keep patients motivated? How do you help them deal with frustrations or setbacks?

Shows emotional intelligence.

4. Describe some of the conditions you’ve treated and the therapies you’ve used.

Tests job knowledge.

5. How do you explain the importance of therapies to someone who has not received medical training?

Tests communication skills.

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