Managing Partner Interview Questions

Managing Partner Interview Questions

May 31st, 2019

Managing Partners oversee the daily operations of a company and devise strategies to meet objectives and achieve long-term goals.

The most suitable candidate will have extensive managerial experience and be highly knowledgeable about the business and its operations. Avoid candidates with poor decision-making skills.

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Interview Questions for Managing Partners:

1. What factors do you consider when defining long-term goals?

Demonstrates planning and strategic thinking skills.

2. What is your method for shaping a company culture?

Shows work experience and the ability to influence company culture and environment.

3. How would you describe your leadership style?

Reveals leadership experience and competencies.

4. What is the most difficult decision you had to make in a managerial position?

Shows decision-making skills and the experience and ability to face challenges.

5. Can you describe a situation in which you received negative feedback from employees?

Shows people management skills and the ability to deal with criticism.

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