Operations Manager Interview Questions

Operations Manager Interview Questions

Last updated November 2nd, 2017

Operations Managers oversee processes associated with production or service delivery and focus on increasing efficiency and productivity and improving quality. Strong candidates will be analytical and detail-oriented. Avoid those who lack problem solving or leadership skills.

Interview Questions for Operations Managers

1. How have your ideas improved operations at other companies. What impact did they have?

Proves candidates can generate results. .

2. How do you handle employees who resist change? How do you motivate others?

Shows interpersonal skills.

3. As you analyze current processes, what information do you look at? How do you identify problems and solutions?

Tests problem solving skills.

4. As efficiency and productivity increase, how do you ensure quality is maintained?

Shows attention to detail.

5. What role do other managers and departments play in processes analysis and improvement?

Shows willingness to collaborate.

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