Maintenance Worker Interview Questions

Maintenance Worker Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Maintenance Worker, or Repair Workers, perform maintenance and repairs on facilities, equipment and machines. Successful candidates will be skilled problem solvers with an aptitude for mechanics. Avoid candidates who lack critical thinking or shop skills.

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Interview Questions for Maintenance Workers

1. Describe some of the equipment or facilities you’ve worked with in the past.

Reveals more about work history.

2. If several machine breakdown at once, which one would you repair first? Why?

Demonstrates time management skills.

3. You notice that another maintenance staff member is not following procedures. How would you handle this?

Shows willingness to comply with rules.

4. Are there certain types of repairs you really enjoy doing? Are them some that you struggle with?

Reveal possible strengths/weaknesses.

5. How do you troubleshoot problems with equipment? Use experiences to support your answer.

Demonstrates technical skills.

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