Housekeeper Interview Questions

Housekeeper Interview Questions

Housekeepers, or maids, handle cleaning duties for commercial buildings and homes. Successful candidates will be thorough, efficient, and courteous. Avoid those who cannot multitask or handle the physical demands of the job.

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Interview Questions for Housekeepers

1. How would you ensure that your work meets each client’s specific needs? How would you keep track of their preferences?

Shows attention to detail.

2. Explain how you would approach a new cleaning job. What tasks do you expect to handle?

Demonstrates an understanding of the position.

3. Tell about a time when a customer complained about your work. How did you handle it?

Tests customer service skills.

4. Are there different cleaning techniques for certain types of countertops or flooring? Provide examples.

Demonstrates cleaning skills.

5. Describe how you work with others to complete a task. What role do you expect to perform?

Shows ability to work with others.

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