Dishwasher Interview Questions

Dishwasher Interview Questions

Dishwashers handle janitorial and supportive kitchen tasks, such as bussing tables, washing dishes and appliances, and ensuring restaurant is clean and well-stocked. Strong applicants will be punctual and thorough. Avoid inefficient or lethargic candidates.

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Interview Questions for Dishwashers

1. Other than dishes, glasses, and flatware, what other items do you expect to wash?

Reveals candidate’s understanding duties.

2. While performing repetitive work in a fast-paced environment, how will you maintain focus and speed? How would you handle down time?

Demonstrates time management skills.

3. What would you do if you noticed another employee violating food safety rules?

Shows compliance with rules.

4. If we were short staffed, would you be willing to take on additional duties to help the team? Why?

Demonstrates willingness to support others.

5. If you knew you would be late to work, what would you do?

Shows responsibility.

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