Room Attendant Interview Questions

Room Attendant Interview Questions

May 23rd, 2019

Room Attendants clean and maintain guest rooms in hotels, B&Bs, and other forms of accommodation.

Successful candidates will be able to anticipate guest needs and will consistently provide professional and thorough cleaning services. Avoid candidates who do not have the necessary physical stamina for the position.

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Interview Questions for Room Attendants:

1. What cleaning duties do you expect to handle on a daily basis?

Reveals job expectations.

2. Describe a time when a guest complained about your cleaning service. How did you manage the situation?

Shows ability to resolve guest complaints in order to ensure guest satisfaction.

3. How do you ensure that a guest's room is cleaned to an impeccable standard?

Demonstrates cleaning skills.

4. A guest mistakenly leaves behind an expensive item in their room after their stay. What do you do with it?

Shows ability to follow housekeeping procedures as well as honest and responsible behavior.

5. Have you used chemical cleaning products before? If so, how comfortable are you with chemical safety procedures?

Shows experience using chemical cleaning products and the ability to handle them correctly.

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