Lyricist Job Description

Lyricist Job Description

October 4th, 2019

Lyricists use their knowledge of music and creative writing skills to write lyrics. Unlike songwriters, Lyricists are not responsible for the instrumental sections, but they may collaborate with songwriters and musicians. Lyricists are familiar with different genres and are able to write lyrics that connect with their audience.

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Lyricist Job Description Template

We are searching for a talented Lyricist who can produce memorable lyrics. The Lyricist’s responsibilities include analyzing client briefs and conducting research where required, using knowledge of multiple genres to produce quality work, and editing lyrics were necessary. You should be able to understand what makes a hit song and also be comfortable working with other artists.

To be successful as a Lyricist, you should appreciate both classic and modern lyrics and have an excellent grasp of the language you are working in. Exceptional Lyricists maintain excellent general knowledge and take the time to get to know the audience they are writing for.

Lyricist Responsibilities:

  • Understanding song specifications and the audience and genre you are writing lyrics for.
  • Listening to proposed melodies to determine the style, tone, and mood of the song before writing.
  • Collaborating with composers, singers, musicians, artists, and various other professionals.
  • Writing lyrics for acapella singing or that complement instrumentals.
  • Positively receiving client feedback and making required revisions.
  • Ensuring all work you submit is 100% original and obtaining copyrights for it.
  • Constantly expanding your skillset by experimenting with music genres and poetry, and attending workshops, lectures, and other ongoing education initiatives.
  • Attending festivals and events where you can network with other artists and writers.
  • Training, advising, and mentoring junior Lyricists.

Lyricist Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Music, Fine Art, Creative Writing, or a related discipline may be advantageous.
  • Firm grasp of music, poetry, and writing.
  • Strong vocabulary and ability to write for an audience.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, and networking skills.
  • Ambitious, deadline-driven self-starter.

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